What is ESNA? / Who are ESNA’s participants?

Logo European Society for New Methods in Agricultural Research (ESNA)

The European Society for New Methods in Agricultural Research (ESNA) is an international society established in Wageningen (The Netherlands) in 1969 with the aims of exchanging ideas and techniques to promote the advancement of agricultural sciences. The original scope - the co-ordination of research in the application of nuclear techniques in agriculture – has gradually changed and now the Society also covers aspects of environment protection and the application of new methods and biotechnology in agricultural research. The Society organizes annual meetings in various European countries and the scientific program is devoted to fundamental and applied issues from the mentioned areas (scientific topics of the 3 working groups).


ESNA committee

Prof. Vlado LICINA (Serbia)
Phone: +381 11 3161 352
e-mail: licina@agrif.bg.ac.rs
ESNA General Secretary
Prof. assoc. Marcin W. LIS, (Poland)
Univerity of Agriculture in Krakow, POLAND
Phone: +48 12 662 4077
e-mail: rzlis@cyf-kr.edu.pl, marcin.lis@urk.edu.pl
Committee Members
Prof. Athanasios GERTSIS (Greece)
Phone: +30 2310492 815
e-mail: agerts@afs.edu.gr
Prof. assoc. dr. Mariana NICULESCU (Romania)
e-mail: mniculescum@yahoo.com
Prof. Luigi LUCINI (Italy)
Phone: +39 0523 599358
e-mail: luigi.lucini@unicatt.it
Dr. Małgorzata E. SZCZAWINSKA (Poland)
Phone: +48 22 593 6071
e-mail: malgorzata_szczawinska@sggw.pl
Prof. Andrzej SECHMAN (Poland)
Phone: +48 12 633 3824
e-mail: rzsechma@cyf-kr.edu.pl
Honoray members
President emeritus
Prof. Stefano GREGO (Italy)
DABAC-Universita della Tuscia,
e-mail: grego@unitus.it
Prof. Stanislav PROCHAZKA (Czechy)
Mendel University in Brno
e-mail: stanislav.prochazka@mendelu.cz
Prof. Michael PÖSCHL (Czechy)
e-mail: poschl@mendelu.cz